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Liberation Day in United Kingdom

Liberation Day is observed as a public holiday throughout the world, and as similarity to an independence day but as liberation of a place. It may be related to the date of falling out of an oppressive management or on the verge of revolution; or the breaking of the occupational rule by colonies and rulers. In United Kingdom many countries has been under the rule of colonies and suppressed by them and many got independence in the year 1945.

Liberation Day in United Kingdom

Liberation Day in United Kingdom, it is observed particularly in Guernsey (Jersey) on 9th May every year for the marking the end’s of occupation by Nazi Germany during World War II, often observed and celebrated as Jersey’s National Day.

It’s history says that on 9 May 1945, a Harbor Master who had set out from Plymouth and arrived in Jersey and soon was joined by two naval officers to accept the surrender  of the Germanian Nazi who were the occupying forces of that time. Harbor Master lead them to the Harbor Master’s Office where they together had hoisted the Union Flag. This ritual has been renacted every year on Liberation Day since 1995, and from 2003 till 2011 the Harbor Master and Jerseyman Captain performs this annually.

Many official ceremonies were also done at the Harbor Master’s Office and Pomme D’Or Hotel  , on the 50th anniversary of Liberation in Jersey; special sittings of the States of Jersey in the morning (States Members, clergy, Bailiff of Jersey, the Lieutenant-Governor, Jurats and other officials ),an open air ecumenical service in Liberation Square and the re-enactment of flags raising. The official party reviews the parade of vintage , legendary military vehicles ,bands and service organizations. A Crematorium; a memorial for the victims and the workers of various nationalities and representatives of affected nationalities also participates.

After the liberation of Nazi Germany from Guernsey(Jersey) during World War II, United Kingdom has got an upheaval in their economical conditions; liberty and independence to the people of the country especially in Jersey, and hence emerges as a newly independent state among other seventy states under the influence from one of the European colonial empires.

Wishing You A Very Happy Liberation Day in United Kingdom

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Why is RoR Development Service Getting so Popular for Web Development?

RoR Development services are quite popular since last 10 years. It is probably going a bit slow now and almost all other language and technology has something similar to Rails. Ruby on Rails has most of the developing tools under their belt, so the users benefit from it. If you are about to learn the framework, you are correct here at RoR Development services that would assist you to build a website for long. It is a full stack framework that generally covers both front and back end design. It is at the hearts of sites like 43 Things, Twitter and Basecamp.

Ruby on rails banner

Ruby on Rails popularity

  1. Major brands in use, as like Amazon and eBay even have RoR projects. And RoR is a potent tool in the hands of a versatile developer. Ruby & Rails is easy to learn. Anyone with intermediate English skills, and basic skill of reading and coding, can code in Ruby.
  2. Ruby is born to be an agile shell scripting language. Rails born to be an agile web framework. It keeps you sane by using MVC approach. It extracts the SQL part, so you are not required to write SQL Queries and neither bothers yourself anything about SQL Injections security like things.
  3. It is beneficial for you to know about RoR command line interface (CLI). All you need to run Ruby on Rails is a computer with a Terminal. Linux and OSX are the best for this, but Windows can be also be used. CLI has a lot of advantage and would assist you to boost up.
  4. If you need an Admin dashboard or a Geolocation, there is a gem for that. You can extend your development with Gems (Plugins). Rail has successfully filled the gaps that other languages are unable to do so. Rails generally come with a version / package / dependence manager. It comes with a generator with which you can generate Models, views and controllers separately or scaffold all of them together. It generally comes with a CLI server, so you can run your dev code with any assistance of a third party tool.

Rails had bought a huge leap in Developer’s productivity. One can easily build and deploy a simple web app in a day. Many ideas are now ported to other frameworks built in various languages, but Rails still unparalleled to quickly build CRUD apps.

Author’s Bio

Laitkor is a technology Partner with a difference. We provide assistance to companies for rapid grow of fusing technology, trends and solution. We are pleased to support our Client for proactive designing, software and app development, system administration, security beef up, database management and many more.

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Trendy Dresses and Colors in Winters

As we all know that when autumn goes winter heralds. Winter is a sign of Silence, Paleness , breeze starts blowing everywhere showing its effect on each and every one of us. Life starts moving slowly, days becomes short, night becomes long, so the same happens with our tastes and choices also.


Trendy Dresses and Colors in Winters

When it is winter, we cover our body with those clothes that gives warmth, heat to our body in order to keep body temperature normal. Woolen clothes and dresses becomes trend for everyone of us in these days, so is the same with the choice of colors that we wear in these days also.

Talking about women then some prefer to wear black woolen long coats in freezing temperatures specially, some wear long sweaters ,some wear short ones, some prefer short jackets made out of leather.

In India, women have options of wearing long kashmiri kurtas which are available in red, black, brown, dark green colors more rather than light colors like pink, yellow, white, etc. Girls have a variety of options available like Colorful tops for non- freezing temperature, short jackets of black, brown, white colors specifically.

For corporate, men and women do prefer to wear blazers and formal clothes of gray, dark gray, black, navy blue, dark blue colors more in common.

Nowadays, men are also not left with fewer choices; they also have variety of options available with them. Talking about Long coats, woolen sweaters, variety of colorful jackets, leather jackets are more common in option for men and boys.

In India, hands knitted sweaters are also very popular and are tremendously followed everywhere when it comes to fashion for men and women both.

Knitted Scarf and mufflers are also becoming very trendy and in fashion for both men and women. Printed scarf are being carried by girls wonderfully by wrapping them around the neck ,when it comes to fashion in winters.

Mufflers are also not left out for men in the same way when it’s about fashion in winters. Faux Fur is in fashion since it’s about winters, they could be carried in the same way as of scarf and mufflers for women and girls.

Denim short skirts with long boots or denim jackets with long boots are also very common amongst women and girls in this season.

So, whether it is summer , winter or any other season, fashion is something which cannot be left.

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7 Awesome Tips for Hiring Dedicated Mobile App Developer

Currently, there are 1.5 billion smartphones in the world, and this number is increasing rapidly. There are numerous apps on the smartphones which are either released or in development.

Looking top mobile apps development company and hiring the right person for the requirement of your mobile app development is very essential, or you could end up spending a king’s ransom for your mobile apps development need.

If you opt for hiring dedicated mobile app developers, they will guide you where to make advancement which you never knew would be required for your mobile app.

So, if you wish to make online prominence of your business in ranking, then you must take he advantage of the proficiency of the mobile app developer.

hiring mobile application development tips

There are some tips to be considered while hiring a dedicated mobile app developer for your mobile app requirement.

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5 Mobile Brands in the World

For all the techie freaks out there! The smartphone sales is increasing everyday. Find the best mobile handset for your passion and interest. When it comes to mobile phones, everyone’s need varies. Some require a mobile handset for photography, while some wants a good smartphone which is easily affordable.

5 mobile brand in the world 2016

List of top 5 mobile brands in the world 2016


Apple imagesAs of now, Apple is the mobile brand company that makes the class phones. It is the best touchpanel smartphone manufacturing company. The touchscreen of apple mobiles are very soft compared to others. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus by manufactured by Apple recently are the most loved mobile handsets because of its awesome qualities.



Samsung mobile handsets have been originated from South Korea. It is ranked at the #1 brand of mobile handset. Samsung knows very well to make the most light-weight and active phones! Samsung mobiles have android, which is amazing software for phone. A very good camera and settings is a plus point. Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, the amazing 2 mobile manufactured by Samsung, are most loved smartphones.



HTC mobile brand gives the very good hardware and the best UI than any other mobile brand. HTC mobiles are the best mobiles and looks stylish too. The HTC phones are also in top 5 mobile brands in the world.

Sony Ericsson:


Sony mobiles are best known for awe-inspiring camera quality. The screen of sony ericsson mobiles are scratch resistant. Sony has everything, right from softwares, applications, quality, rice, services, style, of course camera, all what you can’t imagine on a phone. If a mobile brand is to be said at perfection, it is Sony Ericsson. Sony Ericsson phones are also best in design part.



The mobile brand Huawei has been originated from China. The success of Huawei mobiles are ever increasing in Latin America and India. Huawei mobiles are feature-packed devices at very low prices. The company’s success increased by its Indian subsidiary Honor.


These smartphones looks so trendy. But, these amazing mobile brands must be be very costly for few. But, not to worry. These kind of classy smartphones can be sold and purchased on online second hand goods trading websites.

Dubai Poster ( is the best classified website in UAE. which deals with buying and selling second hand used smartphones.

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Knowing Your Marketing: A degree for the future

Are you looking at a degree in Marketing? An online degree in Marketing can help you develop your ability to successfully build customer loyalty, manage your brand’s diversity, engage your audience, and implement an all-inclusive marketing plan using both new and traditional forms of media.

It’s important not to underestimate the importance of social media. It’s not just for fun anymore! More than ever, social media’s importance is growing not just in our personal lives, but in our professional lives as well. When used successfully, it can be a strong link with today’s marketing and advertising tactics to communicate and influence audiences around the world.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that social media is the only form of marketing that you should focus on in your Marketing degree. That’s why, when looking at different programs, you should be aware of the various programs that are out there.

With the right program you can make the most out of your career endeavours, whatever they may be. You will find the best ways to influence various marketing and advertising media for your business success.

When you leave your marketing program, you’ll be ready to pursue employment and advancement in a variety of business endeavours, including: sales management, brand management, product development, advertising, corporate communications, and marketing research.

Some of the different Marketing degrees that are currently available include, but are not limited to:

  • A.S. in Fashion Merchandising
  • A.S. in Marketing
  • B.A. in Advertising
  • B.S. in Business Studies/Marketing
  • B.S. in Fashion Merchandising Management
  • B.S. in Marketing
  • B.S. in Marketing/Social Media Marketing
  • B.S. in Retail Management
  • International MBA in Internet Marketing
  • International MBA in Marketing
  • International MBA in Social Media Marketing
  • MBA in Internet Marketing
  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in Social Media Marketing
  • MBA with Certificate in Marketing
  • MBA with Certificate in Social Media Marketing
  • M.S. in Data Analytics
  • M.S. in Marketing

In today’s highly competitive job market, all aspects of marketing—from value creation to policy—is important. The various marketing programs that are being offered in online learning education can help you expand distribution, create demand, improve communications strategies, and even develop sustainable supplies of revenue.

For a business to be successful it must be customer-centric and have competitively dominant marketing strategies. A good program will help you develop these skills so that you can bring your leadership into today’s world and develop your organization capabilities. It’s not just enough to think in terms of marketing anymore, you must also think as a global business strategist.

What to expect?

In a good marketing program you’ll find hands-on learning experience that will teach you integrated, strategic marketing plans. Not only will you learn how to evaluate marketplace potential and risk, you’ll also learn how to develop and deliver services of significant customer value. After all, it’s the customers who will continue returning and without them, the business will suffer.

The curriculum of a good program will offer information into the process of value creation and offer management tools as far as sustaining it. As a student, you should learn by participating in interactive problem-solving techniques that will offer real world scenarios that are up-to-date and relevant.

Marketing for the future?

It’s important to remember that marketing changes every year. As social media changes and as trends change, marketing techniques must also change. A good program will understand this and will also roll with the times as well. Not only will the program utilize traditional approaches to marketing, but it will be open to new ideas and new approaches as the world around it changes and adapts to advertising and promotions in the exciting new world of technology.

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Is It Time To Hire SEO Expert For Your Company

Around 91% of online experiences start with a search engine and 70% of the users click only on organic search results. Therefore the first web page of search results is an arena for many websites, striving hard at marking their place in the topmost search results. And that’s where Search Engine Marketing (SEO) comes in. SEO is an online promotion strategy used to enhance the volume of web visitors through improved rankings in ‘organic’ (or ‘natural’) search results.

Is It Time To Hire SEO Expert For Your Company

Affordable Search Engine Optimization Services utilize on-page and off page optimization to improve a site’s rankings in search pages. Search-friendly and good-quality content requires the proper inclusion of targeted keywords while providing valuable information to visitors of the website. SEO solutions also include developing optimum headings on pages, Meta headings, web page explanations, etc. These on-page activities amplify the value of the existing content on the website.

If you are an entrepreneur trying to reach out successfully to your focus on clients, one of the best ways you can ensure that is through on the internet promotion. However, on the internet promotion includes a number of techniques and techniques that need to be known appropriately in order to achieve success. SEO experts can help you perfectly and efficiently in bringing your company to the attention of focus on clients by successfully driving traffic to your website.

If you are wondering what SEO is, it simply refers to Search Engine Marketing that includes the implementation of a set of techniques and strategies to get more visitors to your website. Hiring SEO experts can be one of the wisest things you can decide to do for successful online marketing of your business. They are well-aware of the techniques and methods that work efficiently on the web and use ethical and professional approaches to implementing those techniques to guarantee the best outcomes.

Let us discuss some of the reasons you should hire dedicated SEO experts for the online promotion of your business:

Effective Research: Experienced and knowledgeable SEO experts understand the value of appropriate analysis. Hence, before determining the right strategy for your company, they make a thorough analysis on the items and solutions of your company, your website, your focus on clients and above all your company competitors. This helps them implement the most appropriate and efficient techniques for your company, thereby producing the best results.

Technical Knowledge: Experienced SEO professionals always keep themselves updated with the latest and the most advanced promotion strategies and technologies that help in increasing visitors for your website remarkably. By implementing the latest technologies and advertising models, they help your company draw the attention of focus on clients quickly, thereby saving a great deal of your time and effort.

Guaranteed Results: When you hire SEO professionals, you get guaranteed results owing to the fact that they work dedicatedly to boost the online ranking of your website. This helps you immensely in concentrating better on other important aspects of your company while leaving the worries of finding visitors for your website on the SEO professionals.

Affordable SEO solutions available nowadays help improve visibility, credibility and branding of a company, attracting valuable web visitors. SEO agencies optimize websites to make them more user and search engine friendly. This is accomplished at two levels:

  1. a) Keyword optimization: It includes developing websites that describe your solutions and items accurately by using words or terms that people often use while looking for similar products and services on search engines.
  2. b) Meta tag optimization: SEO works by developing high-quality headings on pages, Metadata and web page explanations that reflect as well as magnify the value of the existing content on the website.

Here are five suggestions to improve your organic SEO service strategically:

  • Targeted Keywords

It is important to identify and focus on the specific search phrases that prospective clients are likely to use while looking for the service or product you provide. Targeting the right chosen search keywords can help you focus on the right clients too.

  • On-page Optimization

It refers to the factors affecting a site’s listing in search engine results which are regulated by the coding of the site. It includes the actual HTML code, meta tags, keyword and key phrase placement and keyword density.

  • Content Strategy

High-quality and search-friendly submissions are the key to enhancing your organic SEO approach. The content technique involves accommodating relevant search keywords and valuable information for visitors in the web page content. Sites must also be refurbished with new content on a regular basis.

  • High-quality Backlinks

Guest blogging and infographic submission are some of the best ways to attract high-quality back-links. It is recommended to focus on the great quality instead of quantity of these links by preferring websites with higher web page positions for link submission.

  • Monitor Your Rankings

SEO companies should constantly monitor keyword positions and analyze them to determine which search engine and visitor’s sources are proving beneficial to the business. Keeping a constant eye on this data will help you trace possible customer-specific search phrases and eliminate the ones not used often from your SEO technique.

Organic SEO services tactically hike a site’s ranking and visitors through the efficient use of accurate search phrases and metatag marketing. Emphasizing upon focus on market and keyword research, content technique, high-quality back-links and on-page marketing help improve your organic search engine rankings.

Everyday millions of people turn to Google, Yahoo, Bing and search engines to seek information about products and solutions that they are looking for. By typing relevant search keywords and clicking ‘enter’, users are led to the first web page or what you could call a ‘battleground’ for many websites; a ‘battleground’ to get listed amongst the topmost search engine results. Achieving a higher search engine results positioning for your web page requires an intelligent SEO technique.

SEO experts can make online marketing easy, fast and highly effective. They can get more visitors to your web page in a short time, thereby helping you to reach out successfully to your focus on clients.

Author Bio: Anuj Mehta is the principal contributor to this Guest Post. He is a professional blogger and digital marketer works for Open Source Technologies. He writes about a number of categories like internet, energy, technology, medical and much more.

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Things You Must Know About Hair Spa Treatment

Nowadays, if you will go to any spa, parlor or salon then they will always be available with some treatment to pamper your hair. But other than those treatments you can also go for home made remedy for your hair.

Coming first is the most important point to pamper your hair is giving Oil massage to your hair. Olive oil is said to be the best among all when it comes to oiling your hair. You can gently apply oil after massage then leaving it for 15-20 minutes, so that it reaches up to your scalp and roots of the hair and can be absorbed too.

After this, opt for a warm wet cotton towel or cloth; wrap it in a way that it provides steam to your hair for at least 15 minutes. Now, you can wash your hair and rinse it off with a Shampoo. Hair masks are easily available in the market; one can apply it for around 30 minutes and again rinse it off with a shampoo. This will give the smoothening, shining and softness to your hair.

Another treatment comes with curd, where you can simply apply it with some drops of coconut hair oil. The process starts with mixing the both applying it and leaving it for at least 20 minutes, rinsing it off with a mild shampoo, resulting shining hair. This kind of hair treatment is beneficial for those with dry scalp, damaged and ruff hair.

Another treatment to give protein to your hair comes up with egg. As we know, eggs are great source of proteins, applying it with some amount of coconut oil for around 20 minutes could be the best option available. After this it should be completely rinsed off with water, leaving it for around an hour and then washing your hair with a mild shampoo would provide a great strength to your hair. This is also the best treatment for dry hair.

When it comes to dandruff, one can have the option of applying reetha- shikakai- ambla powder with 2 tsp in the amount, applying it to the scalp, leaving it for an hour and then washing it off completely is the best that can be done for dandruff.

Aloe vera, as we know is the best herb available which is beneficial in many different sections for us. When we talk about hair treatment with aloe vera, then its pulp can be used with few drops of lemon, applying it and leaving it for around 30 minutes, completely washing it off with shampoo would give shiny effect to your hair and is also a treatment for oily hair scalps.

If you are planning for party or going in your friends marriage then you should a be point of attraction.  Shop for wide range of beautiful hair extension with us

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Avoid a Difficult Situation: 6 Compelling Moments when you have to say ‘No’ to Volunteering

Do you love volunteering? Do you want to become a volunteer in India? Volunteering is one of the greatest contributions you can make as a human being. Your actions are like God’s gift to many. However, you have to be careful about the time and situation of volunteering. As a volunteer I face situations when I have to refuse to do a certain task. You may not always be ready to give in your best shot.

Let me tell you about some of the situations you can face and how to avoid them.

# You cannot become friendly with children

If you are not comfortable with children, let the volunteering organization know about it. There is nothing to feel ashamed of you inability to handle kids. There are many who claim to love the presence of children, but become annoyed when they have to deal with them for a long time. By not informing about your problem, you will create trouble for everyone. You will not be happy with your responsibilities and you will not be able to deal nicely with the children. As a result, the organization will not be pleased. The children will be scared of your raging temper and most of them will not want to be with you. Thus, to avoid this troublesome situation you should speak your heart out at the very beginning.

# You do not have time

In the event that you are too busy to take up even a single more responsibility, voice the issue. It is better to refuse in the start than committing and not being able to deliver. While the volunteering organization waits for you to finish off a given task, you may stay entangled in another task.

Moreover, if you are absent from a particular task, you will hamper the success of a project. For instance, you are volunteering as a teacher in a school. Besides teaching you may also engage in administrative activities of the school. Now, if you take up the task of visiting an old age home, it can become a burden.

# You have kids to look after

When you come to do volunteer work in India keeping back children at home, you cannot stay for long. You will feel like returning to your home country and may only stay here for some weeks. Therefore, avoid taking responsibilities that require you to spend more time. Inform the person delegating responsibilities about your problem before it becomes a large-scale issue.

After you complete your short span of volunteering, you can return to your native country and be reunited with your family.

# You do not have a specific skill-set

There is no hard and fast rule that you have to be a doctor or engineer to help out the needy. You can help them in many other ways. But, for this you have to learn how to do certain tasks. Unless you have time in your hands, you cannot indulge in learning.  Therefore, if you do not have the skill to do a particular task, you must speak about it to the organization. For instance, you know only the basics of building construction and the organization asks you to build a local school. In such a situation, you should first ask for a more experienced professional in this field. If no such person is available, tell the voluntary organization’s board members about your inexperience.

They will train you, so that you can help the poor and the needy in the country in other ways. You have to stay in India and learn the various ways, in which you can become a complete volunteer.

# You are volunteering because someone asked you to

Does your friend want you to volunteer for something? It’s no use volunteering for a cause, if you do not feel like it. For instance, a fellow volunteer asks you to help him a little in teaching. If you do not like teaching, tell that to the volunteer. By not expressing, you may end up feeling irritated with that friend through no fault of his. If you really detest teaching, refuse to budge, even if your friend coaxes you. You may explain about your severe abhorrence towards teaching, if necessary.

# You are volunteering at a time when your mind is occupied with other important things

If you have an exam or any other important work in your to-do list, you should avoid volunteering. These are times when you should prioritize your activities. You can leave volunteering till your exams are over. However, at times volunteering becomes the one and only thing to support you emotionally. For example, you can opt for volunteer India tour after a divorce. It will help you find solace and teach you about the plight of thousands of unprivileged people.

Have you decided to volunteer? That is great, but you must also speak out about your problems, if you find the tasks difficult or demanding. You do not want to feel disgruntled throughout the volunteering span. Do you?

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6 Ways to revamp your style in 2016

Thinking of doing some clothes shopping online but not sure about what you should try? Well check out these trends!

Have been repeating your outfits too much? Do you want to change your look? Do you want 2016 to be the year when you upgrade your wardrobe? Well, then we have some wise options for you. This is the year you can revamp yourself, comfortably opt for clothes shopping online and get outfits that will totally take your style quotient to the next level!

Get rid of black leggings

Okay! Black leggings are staple for summers and winters. But if you wear them too often, you will look like a cartoon character that never changes their outfit. So, get rid of it! Maybe play with some other colors. You can always try something like bright red or even fuchsia. Browns and greens work great as well. So, if you are starting to make a change, go for simpler colors and then begin to experiment.

Go Metallic

If you are interested in wearing a neutral shade, whether it’s in terms of a jacket or even your shoes, go for a metallic color. Metallic is the new neutral and it ramp-up your style instantly. You can pair metallic hues with neon colors or go for subtle tones. Experiment with metallic for an added dose of shine.

A Clutch that Shows Your Personality

Everything you wear, all the accessories that you carry will reflect your personality. So, after going for clothes shopping online, shop for some clutches as well. They are better than handbags really and you can choose a novelty piece. Go for clutches that are bright, so that they add a pop of to your outfit. In fact, even look for contrasting colors.

A Memorable Hue

We know you love the black-tee and your white shirts. But it is time that you upgrade your style. Go for memorable colors, from pink and green to complement your outfit. And this isn’t just for the t-shirts. You should try it for your scarves as well. Seriously, how long are you going to mix that black scarf with everything? Choose hues on the opposite side of the color wheel and add a pop to your outfits.

Try Lamp shading

We will tell you what this trend is all about. You get an oversized, long top and wear it with knee-high boots. So, basically just a peek of your leg shows through the outfit. Pair it with a tote and you are ready to take over the world! Awesome, isn’t?

Plaid bottoms

Of course, plaid is nothing new. But sometimes, you can revamp an old trend to give it a whole new look. That’s what you should do with plaid. Get bright plaid bottoms and team them up with feminine silhouettes and t-shirts or even coats. If you are interested, experiment with plaid skirts as well. They are geeky, chic and so adorable.

CTA- So, how are you going to upgrade your style in 2016? Share here!

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